The fantastic world of Camilla Falsini

With works inspired by illustration masters like Bruno Munari, Roman street artist, illustrator, painter and sculptor Camilla Falsini flaunts an essential and playful style that – after some early work for children’s magazines – propelled her career towards both collaborations with communication agencies and painting.

Falsini has now formed a strong, personal artistic style, based on simple lines that let colors take center stage. Brushes, water-based paint, wood, Adobe Illustrator are the tools she uses in various combinations, inspired by Medieval history, art, as well as etymology. In her art, she enjoys bringing plays on words to life through images. Thus, weird creatures and monsters are born – completely unthreatening, of course, because the only effect they may have is surprise! Indeed, her colorful world, full of ironic and odd anthropomorphic beings is simply irresistible.

© Camilla Falsini


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