The world in the eyes of “Y Generation” Millennials
Backstage of BOCHRA, by Selin

Ten filmmakers, ten short films to express their view of the world. Let’s continue getting to know the participants in “Y Generation”, an initiative by Lancia and OffiCine – IED/Anteo, a cultural project for cinematographic education founded by Anteo SpazioCinema and Istituto Europeo di Design.
A technical panel – formed by Ambra Angiolini, Adriano Giannini and Cristina Marchetti, Director of OffiCine – will select the winning film. But everyone can register on and vote for their favorite, for a chance to win exclusive prizes every day and participate in the final draw of a 2,000-euro Amazon gift card.
What do all the young talents in the competition have in common? “An attentive and accurate view of reality,” says Cristina Marchetti, “but also a need to tell a story, their story, through characters that only appear to be different. In selecting the winner, we will consider the evolution of each director and his or her ability to take the advice received from supervisors and teachers, as part of their education.”

Backstage of Musta, by Jacopo Mutti

After proving its commitment to trends and talent forecasting with the TrendVisions project, Lancia confirms its will to support and showcase a new generation of talents with “Y Generation”. As always, the brand simply allows creatives the freedom to express themselves and convey any message they care about, be it fears, worries or wishes.
“The thing that struck me the most about the works in the contest was the variety of issues directors tackled, of ways they told their stories, and consequently of voices and points of view,” Cristina Marchetti told us. “The fact that they are all Millennials made me think about how often we have a distorted perception of what seems urgent to them, compared to what they really want to talk about.”
The ten filmmakers have represented contemporary times and the most important issues in our world today. “Bochra”, by Sebastiano Luca Insinga, brings to life an evocative tale of migration, focusing not on faces or places, but on a blue sky and colorful balloons – making art and beauty tragically stand out compared to death and sorrow

Backstage of Dancing on my own, by Marco Gradara

A longing for redemption is at the center of Jacopo Mutti’s work, “Musta!”, which captures the great human value and dignity of someone who lived in the streets during a dark moment but was able to seek for goodness at the end of a tunnel of mistakes, surrounded by evil in a land far from home.
Belonging and identity are concepts Marco Gradara also analyzes in “Dancing on my own”, where the protagonist overcomes prejudice and takes distance from others’ expectations in the name of freedom of expression. Prejudices are also Maria Tilli’s enemy in “Foglio Rosa”, in which a teenage girl rebels to claim her independence and preserve her own identity.
The Millennials in “Y Generation” won’t settle for a world made of fears and prejudices, like the ones Yassen Genadiev highlights in “Pauranoia”. The director sets up a metaphor of today’s world, in which fear of what is “different” from us turns into terror, in a constant spiral of unstoppable mistrust.
You can support “Y Generation” talent too! Watch the short films vying for the title and vote your favorite online.

Backstage of Foglio Rosa, by Maria Tilli
Backstage of Pauranoia, by Yassen Genadiev

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