Tina Frey: organic shapes between design and craftsmanship

Tina Frey lives and works in San Francisco, California, where she makes pieces inspired by nature’s organic shapes. She sculpts her clay models by hand and uses them to cast small batches in resin – with fluid lines inspired by sinuous waves and drops of water, and soft curves that immediately recall pebbles collected from a beach, smoothed by the ocean.

Frey uses the epitome of non-color – white – to provide her objects with a strong “non-identity”. Once used in industrial design for prototypes, which didn’t need to be completed with color, white now is a distinctive feature of her production, a blend of design and pure craftsmanship.

The American artist uses lead-free resins that comply with the FDA’s standards for food safety: a choice she made to signal her creations are high-value objects that will last and be appreciated over time, not mere throwaway utensils.

© Tina Frey


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