Vegan Ramen Shop: eclecticism and Made-in-Japan references

Inspired by bamboo forests and traditional Japanese bars, Warsaw’s Vegan Ramen Shop was designed by Frejda & Gratkowski Architekci as an almost abstract space to be filled with references.

Simple materials were selected for a mostly vertical structure that is also an exhibition space, with poles up to the ceiling and shelves mounted at different heights, symbolizing the chaotic urban landscape of Japanese cities. The long counter looks like the typical ones in original Japanese bars, where food is put on display and ready to eat. Above the door, a neon-light sign invites clients to come in and try a tasty soup – we recommend Hiyashu, with noodles covered in a black sesame sauce and crisp vegetables: an eclectic recipe that reflects the venue’s decor to perfection.

© Vegan Ramen Shop
© Studio MFRMGR


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