Yuval Tzur: charming simplicity

Yuval Tzur lives and works in Tel Aviv. His research is mostly geared towards lighting design, also in collaboration with architects and interior designers. In the past few years, he has designed and self-manufactured a variety of product lines. One of his latest projects is the “Spritz” lamp range, inspired by the technique of the same name, in which a water-based mixture of cement and glue is sprayed on walls for decorative effect.

Tzur applies a similar varnish to his lamps, achieving a three-dimensional, pointillist texture that adds great personality to the simple and essential shapes of his creations. In the past, the same technique was often used for stucco ceilings and in general for acoustic insulation in many homes. In Tzur’s designer interpretation, it adds a nostalgic and vintage allure to beautiful modern items.

© Yuval Tzur


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